Attitudes and behaviours are at the core of working cultures. They have a huge impact on the success of organisational growth. Additionally, they often dictate if the workplace is a desirable place to be. They can contribute to absenteeism, be at the centre of a demotivated workplace and have a major impact on the bottom line. Decisions on staff behaviours are not to be taken lightly if a business is to grow effectively.

As an experienced trainer and workplace coach, I support the development of any learning outcomes that employees need to add value to their company. Behavioural training can be just as vital as vocational training, it encourages positive thinking, builds confidence and increases workforce effectiveness.

The behavioural workshops I write and deliver vastly improve the interpersonal skills of staff at all levels. These new skills will improve self-awareness, collaboration, trust in teams, communication and attitudes towards change. They also reinforce initiatives such as employee engagement and continuous improvement.

Over the last five years I’ve delivered various kinds of behavioural workshops with positive results for any growth process. By improving communication skills and collaboration, staff create a sense of ownership that will boost their productivity levels. These vital attitudes play a huge part in the success or failure of expanding organisations.

What one top tip would you give to a business owner embarking on a growth plan?

During times of growth it’s imperative that your staff feel valued and are allowed to operate as humans rather than a resource in a production process. By encouraging the staff to develop to their full potential in an exciting and challenging environment, organisational goals are more readily achieved. Also, be wary of the worst behaviour a leader will tolerate. It’s this behaviour that can dictate the culture of the organisation.

Why is Lancashire a great place to grow a business?

Lancashire has always been heavily involved manufacturing, science, technology and service sectors. There’s a wealth of experienced talent to assist the challenge of business growth. With the announcement of initiatives that aim to boost economy, the government has outlined objectives to balance the economical divide by creating opportunity in the north. Having had a wealth of success in Chorley, we’ve already experienced growth in Lancashire so we already know what an effective place it is.

Why are you backing Boost?

Not only does Boost offer funded growth programmes but great networking opportunities too. They can introduce companies that offer services that add value to your organisation and help with the likes of leadership development or growth planning mentoring. Leadership development as well various types of behavioural training is our specialist subject and something we’d like to add to Lancashire’s business growth hub. 

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