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We offer exclusive support that covers all the critical areas required to;

  • Maximise your sales
  • Maximise your profits
  • Build your personal wealth
  • Give you the time and freedom to enjoy life outside of business
  • To reach a successful sale of your business
  • Minimise the risk of failure

We only take on businesses and their founders if we believe that they have the desire or capability for growth. Optimising your growth, profits and personal wealth does not happen by accident and should not be left to chance. We ascertain what you and business requires to ensure that you build your sales and profits.

We ensure that you learn the skills to be a highly effective leader and evolve into a successful entrepreneur. We aim to be your Critical friend, and ally throughout the inevitable ups and downs of your business journey. During the growth of the business you will need access to various high-grade services, professionals, consultants and Directors who we will hand select and then oversee throughout their tenure.

To fuel growth you will require access to funds ideally sourced from others. Our team has access to the whole of the market including all debt and equity providers. We will be on hand to raise funds in a timely fashion throughout your business journey.

Your needs will inevitably change over time and we will be on hand to help you to readjust your direction, keep you up to speed and on course. You will be able to rely on our whole team to maximise your potential.


What one top tip would you give to a business owner embarking on a growth plan?

Define specific goals then devise the plan and strategy to reach these goal.Then take affirmative action, take stock, revise plan, take action……

Why is Lancashire a great place to grow a business?

Because the people are so friendly!

Why are you backing Boost Business Lancashire?

Because Lancashire businesses deserve to have all the support they can muster and to become the best they can become.

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