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Former primary school teacher turned entrepreneur, Michael Quigley, is the founder of Kataholos. It provides leadership development, online training courses and online learning to help empower business leaders and employees to do and be their best selves.

Michael joined Boost’s Flying Start programme in 2018 where he gained a much better understanding of his business ideologies and how to build the Kataholos brand and grow sales. Some of his workshops were even delivered as part of Boost’s 2018 training programme.

The latest in our Boost Q&A series, Michael shares his thoughts with Boost about growing a business and the support he has had from the Growth Hub along the way.

What support did you receive from Boost and how has it helped you and your business?

I attended helpful workshops on business and sales and also gained introductions to business contacts as well as some informal business coaching.

What piece of advice stood out the most during your Boost support?

Learning about networking. As someone starting out with my own business, it was good to learn that if your clients or those who know and can refer you to potential clients will be at the event, then go, if not don’t go – you don’t have to attend every networking event.

Who has been your biggest business inspiration and why?

Daniel Priestley, he’s an entrepreneur and author of four best-selling entrepreneurship books. His material and methods are world class.

What motivates you in business and why?

Being in business provides opportunities to tangibly and fundamentally improve the quality of lives.

How do you like to start your working day?

My working day always starts with a structured morning routine and looking at my most important tasks of the day.

Why is Lancashire a good location for a business?

Lancashire has a great location with excellent access to nearby cities and motorways. In Lancashire we make a lot of our own products and materials which means businesses can support one another using local resources which also keeps the economic growth within our own county.

What would you say to someone who is considering using Boost?

Do it! It’s fully funded and backed by a great professional team. Boost support will help you grow your abilities and accelerate your progress.

Would you like to see your business grow? So would we.
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