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Boost has teamed up with Forward Thinking to offer 50 Lancashire businesses a FREE place on its hugely successful Success GPS Online Programme, which will help businesses plan a successful emergence from the coronavirus crisis.

The programme is led by Andrew Henderson, who, over the last 18 months has helped over a hundred business owners and management teams achieve their goals.

This exclusive offer is all about helping businesses emerge from the crisis stronger, in better shape and ready for a successful new journey.

Success GPS will help business owners:

The programme will be delivered online through 14 video lessons with Andrew narrating and coaching with slides and stories to take clients from the beginning of The Success GPS Online Programme to the end.

Accompanying the training are all the tools (map, programme guide) that anyone would need to get the very most out of the programme. Including digital copies that can be printed out.

“Ultimately, this is about planning to increase revenue, profit and new customer wins.”

Andrew Henderson

How the Boost Success GPS Online programme works in six steps:

1. The Start

Where are you right now? What’s holding you back, and what are the new opportunities ahead that you are not capitalising on right now?

2. The Destination

Where do you dream of being in the future to create the life that you want, and how does your business need to perform in order to get there?

3. The Goals

Creating the right goals for the right reasons and reverse engineering them back to one year.

4. The Route

How we get there together, what resources do we have and what do we need for the journey?

5. The GPS

Creating a short term one-year 12 step plan of action.

6. GPS Calibration

How we create a 90-day view, and a week by week view to make sure we stay focused and on track.

“It will also clearly help businesses educate their workforce of the plan of action both long term and tactically short term, creating belief in the journey and high performance from team members.”

Andrew Henderson

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