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Peer Networks is a national peer-to-peer networking programme for SME leaders that want to grow and develop their organisation for future success. Delivered locally by Boost, we create diverse -cohort groups of individuals to collaboratively work through common business issues.

Peer Networks is funded by the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) in response to a commitment made in the 2019 Business Productivity Review.

The programme includes interactive action learning, trained facilitators, small groups, flexible topic selection and one to one coaching.

By completing Peer Networks, you will overcome business challenges and recognise and act on new opportunities, build a trusted network of connections to support you now and in the future, and improve your long-term personal and business performance.

Our Peer Network programmes

  • Community & Business Partners

    We have been running a successful peer group since April 2020 in direct response to Covid-19. Over 50% of our businesses have generated more business as a direct result of our meetings and 89.9% feel these have added value to their business and overall strategy.

    We now have two new cohorts, funding by the Peer Network programme, starting in November 2020.

  • Cube Thinking

    Manufacturing: This Peer Networks programme will work with manufacturing companies in Lancashire to help share best practices and adapt faster in a volatile market.

    Using skills and experiences from business leaders, in different markets, this network will help to take advantage of Lancashire’s strength in this sector.

  • Cube Thinking

    Health and wellbeing: We’ll work with health and wellbeing companies across Lancashire to share best practices and solutions at a time when the need for these services has never been higher. Using skills and experiences from business leaders, within a safe space, we will ensure health and wellbeing providers in this network are stronger together.

  • Cube Thinking

    Digital: This Peer Networks programme will help digital companies in Lancashire to adopt best practice and deliver faster in increasingly agile times. Using skills and experiences from business leaders, representing all angles to digital, to help increase Lancashire’s strength in this sector.

  • Cummins Mellor

    Designed for SME directors and senior managers, the programme focuses on the changing world of work and its impact on leadership, growth, finance, resilience, technology and marketing.

    As well as personal development, leaders will gain a trusted network of peers to share experiences and expert knowledge to overcome business challenges.

  • East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

    Delivered by RedCAT and managed by East Lancashire Chamber, we will work with a cohort of low carbon tech firms allowing them to brainstorm between the group, overcome barriers, secure funding and find manufacturing partners.

    We will use multiple cutting-edge venues to allow the peers to learn from each other and also the supporting venue.

  • East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

    Delivered by UK Circle of Life, a RedCAT partner and overseen by East Lancashire Chamber,  we will work with a cohort of manufacturers in sectors under pressure post-covid such as automotive and aerospace.

    We will support them in diversifying into low carbon technologies, brainstorming opportunities, identifying funding streams and developing new supply chains.

  • elementas

    Resilience and Wellness: elementas’s Peer Network connects and brings together a diverse community of business owners and senior decision makers. Sharing skills and innate wisdom, harnessing ideas and experience, we will motivate each other to learn and grow stronger.

    Together we will build resilience and wellness, supporting each other and our communities to thrive and flourish.

  • Growing Club CIC

    Women’s businesses have been hit hard by the pandemic, partly because the double shift that women normally carry has increased significantly during lockdown.

    The purpose of this cohort is to create a safe, female-focussed, supportive space for women in business in Lancashire, and help them move forward and develop the resilience they need to survive and thrive.

  • Growth Lancashire

    #RecoveryLancashire: Our Peer Network helps SMEs to identify, understand and overcome barriers to growth. Covering sales and marketing, finance and people, it is a truly client led programme that builds on the expertise of our facilitators to deliver practical solutions which enable businesses to enhance their performance in a rapidly changing environment.

  • Marketing Lancashire

    The Marketing Lancashire Peer Network programme will support senior leaders in tourism and hospitality SMEs by facilitating the generation of practical solutions to the challenges and impacts arising from Covid-19.

    Topics covered may include sales and marketing, digital and e-commerce, business resilience and innovation for sustainable business growth.

  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

    Flight & Fly: Our core focus is on stabilisation and growth, based on clear strategic vision, clear strategic and operational planning and strong, focused execution.

    The programme has a ‘north star’ approach, ie, to have all business subjects feed in towards a realistic but ambitious growth target, where a business becomes not just larger but more valuable.

  • North & Western Lancashire Chamber of Commerce

    International trade: Our programme will present exporters with an extra layer of operational maturity, to achieve export growth aspirations and potential, helping to mitigate the risks associated with international expansion, BREXIT, capacity and skills, as well as identifying and unlocking growth opportunities in international markets.

  • North West Aerospace Alliance

    The Lancashire Aerospace Peer Network aims to support aerospace SMEs to improve their businesses through shared learning and development in key areas such as digitalisation, change management, competitiveness and upskilling. The values of the group will be based on all participants.

  • Northern Automotive Alliance

    The NAA Peer Network programme is designed for leaders of SMEs in the Automotive and Advanced Engineering and Manufacturing sectors to explore how they can future-proof their businesses through growth opportunities and the use of advanced technology to support the transition to a low carbon transport economy.

  • Northern Power Women

    Women led businesses and black, Asian and ethnic minority led businesses: NPW Peer Network programmes are designed to help individuals make meaningful connections enabling them and their businesses by providing transformative learning experiences. We have a good understanding of challenges faced and overcome by businesses and how to support them to react, pivot and embrace opportunities and challenges created by Covid-19.

  • Project 808

    The Project 808 Peer Network programme is designed to educate and enable Lancashire’s digital and creative agencies to deepen and strengthen relationships with key clients, explore broader propositions and create more profitable, sustainable and robust business models.

  • Scale-Ability Ltd

    Two of the most common challenges faced by SME’s in the current economic climate is attracting the right clients and keeping them and attracting, engaging and retaining the right staff. Our programme focuses on collaboratively developing the solutions to meet and overcome these challenges.

  • Selnet

    Social Enterprise: Selnet is the recognised lead for social enterprise in Lancashire. Our Peer Network delivery team are sector experts, bringing a wealth of experience in action learning, business growth and development, capacity building and mentoring.

    Two cohorts of social enterprise practitioners will receive needs-led support in small groups complemented by one-to-one coaching.

  • Shout Network

    The SHOUT Network Peer Network programme is designed to help Lancashire SMEs navigate and survive the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic. Our aim is to help businesses recover and grow.

  • Winning Pitch

    People: Understand how people tick and how to motivate them. We will help you understand how to deal with difficult people, delve into people’s language patterns and how things you say are interpreted. We will also cover how to recognise potential, talent management and staff retention tactics so people never want to leave.

  • Winning Pitch

    Sales and marketing: This is designed for leaders of small businesses who want to explore how to use sales and marketing knowledge to grow their business by generating ideas, exploring market penetration and diversification, understanding buyer behaviour and messaging.

    Our peer groups will help people understand and deliver sales and marketing activities aligned to their plan to achieve their targets.

  • Winning Pitch

    Sustainable Growth: This programme delivers a new specialist set of power tools that help you, the business owner and director overcome the most common growth constraints.

    Through a peer-learning environment and the sharing of best practices, you’ll learn how other business leaders are dealing with the same issues that you are having.

The programme is available to any SME business that has:

Operated for at least one year

At least five employees

A turnover of at least £100,000

An aspiration to improve

If you would like to find out more information about one of our current Peer Network programmes, please call the Boost Relationship Management team

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