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Leading the way as a start-up or fledgling business
24th November 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Leading the way as a start-up or fledgling business

Jonathan Timmis is business consultant, coach and mentor for Boost’s Growth Mentoring Programme. He highlights five key pillars of success to help leaders of new businesses grow and flourish.

19th November 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

A minute with a mentor: Anne Williamson

We highlight some of the mentors behind the scenes that work with Lancashire businesses. So take a break for a minute and read about Anne Williamson, a marketing communications and customer service specialist.

Business support spotlight: Digitalplus
16th November 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Business support spotlight: Digitalplus

Digitalplus is a three-year ERDF funded project delivered by a multidisciplinary team of creative, marketing and technical specialists. The team have a strong track record of delivering successful ERDF projects over many years

12th November 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

How resilient are you to cope with the current crisis?

Hywel Griffiths, business consultant and managing director of APD Resolutions Ltd, draws from his professional experience to outline the fundamental steps needed to be taken to become more resilient to change.

Business Support spotlight : The Rosebud Fund
3rd November 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Business support spotlight: The Rosebud Fund

The Rosebud Fund is designed specifically to help growing Lancashire businesses by providing business loans from £10,000 to £300,000 which are fair, affordable and transparent.

2nd November 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Coworking: How shared workspace is adapting to COVID-19

Catarina King, Society1, discusses how the co-working space has adapted to government COVID-19 directives, and can support people who seek an alternative from working from home

5th October 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Finance: A view of the market

Matt Robinson, fund manager for the Rosebud Fund, offers his view of the financial marketplace as businesses across region navigate through the challenges of the coronavirus pandemic and try to keep operational and out of debt.

It's time to diversify
22nd September 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Boost briefing: It’s time to diversify!

In his second article in our #BoostYourRecovery series, lifelong salesman, Stephen Leishman, outlines the importance of business diversity to ensure sustainability and guard against future crises.

Boost briefing: Planning how your business is funded, now and for the future
15th September 2020 | Inspiration & Spotlight

Access to Finance: September funding and finance briefing

Access to finance specialist, Caroline Turley, briefly highlights what she considers business priorities should be over the next few months to make sure you have the funds to grow your business and keep on track with your business plans.

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