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Boost your productivity
9th December 2019 | Inspiration

Boosting productivity: companies reaping the benefits of Lancashire support

In the latest part of our focus on productivity, we look at some of the Lancashire businesses who have benefitted from programmes available through Boost.

28th November 2019 | Inspiration

Successful women who triumphed after Boost support

Many of the female led businesses that received support through Boost’s Growth Mentoring programme in 2019 have since gone on to gain special recognition for their achievements through regional business awards.

26th November 2019 | Inspiration

Care for your wellbeing, care for your business

Jane Binnion is founder of Growing Club CIC, a social enterprise based in Lancaster, delivering enterprise skills training for women. As part of Female Entrepreneurship Month, she shared her thoughts with Boost on wellbeing when growing a business.

Boost your productivity
21st November 2019 | Inspiration

Boosting productivity: three companies who built a more efficient business

Improving productivity and achieving profitable, sustainable growth can involve streamlining many aspects of your business. Read how three organisations increased productivity with Boost support.

7th November 2019 | Inspiration

Female entrepreneurs share business growth stories

To celebrate the region’s first ever Female Entrepreneurship Month, here are just some of the amazing women who have growth stories to tell.

22nd October 2019 | Inspiration

Productivity blog: Digitalisation on a shoestring

Rob Munro is the Institute for Manufacturing’s industrial associate in the Northwest. He shares with Boost resource-efficient approaches for SMEs in adopting digitalisation, and gives his thoughts on where to start.

10th October 2019 | Inspiration

Thriving workplaces in Lancashire – starting a conversation about mental health

Lancashire County Council’s Andrea Smith shares her thoughts on work wellbeing as part of World Mental Health Day.

26th September 2019 | Inspiration

Business continuity tips for SMEs

Planning and preparing your business for any disruption is essential. If you haven’t thought about business continuity planning before, now is the time to do so.

24th September 2019 | Inspiration

Eight steps to process improvement for a growing business

Michael Lough is managing director of Boost & Co partner Blue Wren, a software house based in Preston. He shares his eight-step guide to help growing business improve workflow and efficiency.

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