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Learn how to use Zapier to automate tasks in this funded one-hour training for Lancashire organisations.

Do you find yourself repeating tasks regularly or spending hours completing admin work? Zapier helps you to automate repetitive tasks by connecting to many of the tools you are already using, and streamlining work processes.

For example:

  • Moving information from one tool to another (e.g. Gmail to Trello, Instagram to Google Drive)
  • Share social posts across other platforms
  • Automatically create tasks in your project management tool from email or other comms tools
  • Automate processes when a new order comes in to your online shop

In this focused 1hr session Liz from DigiEnable will introduce Zapier, how to connect tools and get started with ‘zaps’ using existing templates. Please note Zapier has both free and paid plans depending on how much you use it.

There will also be the opportunity for a funded 1:1 call after the session to further explore how you can use Zapier to automate tasks within your own job, business or organisation.

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