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Don’t miss this unique opportunity to see what the fully funded Boost Bespoke programme can do for your business

Join us for an open forum with three of the Boost Bespoke growth specialists as they explore 3 key ingredients of a successful business. Each coach will make a short and impactful presentation in their own area of speciality, followed by an open forum panel discussion.

This event has been designed to provide an insight into what the fully-funded Boost Bespoke programme has to offer your business and how it can contribute to your future success.

  • Customer: The lifeblood of your business: We’ll show you ways to better understand their needs so that you can be more successful – Peter Dickinson
  • Process: Drive profit through process improvement: We’ll demonstrate ways to streamline your processes and improve profitability – Michael Lough
  • People: Our most valuable assets: We’ll explain what makes people tick and show you how to tackle the people puzzle – Godwin Anthony

Boost Bespoke Growth Specialists

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Peter Dickinson – Peter helps companies drive growth and has worked with over 400 businesses across a wide range of sectors over many years.

After completing an MBA, Peter has spent the last 30 years researching and working with businesses helping them to grow. He has run growth workshops and has recently published an eBook which documents what it takes to be successful even in challenging times.

Michael Lough – As founder and MD of the multi-award-winning software house, Blue Wren, Michael Lough is passionate about helping businesses unlock their potential by transforming their workflow processes.

Michael has the skills, values and passion to help businesses identify and implement positive change.

Godwin Anthony – Godwin is a Director of Ascent Leadership with over 15 years of experience in the business world. Before setting up his coaching business, he founded two companies, Ascent Business Chambers and the award winning KTG Social Care.

His passion about people, behaviours, attitude, values and their mindset made him want to learn more, so he trained as a certified NLP practitioner/timeline therapist and an NLP coach.

Meet the team

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Our dedicated Boost Bespoke team will be on hand to answer any questions you may have regarding joining the fully funded programme.

We want to make this a positive experience for all participants. If you have particular access needs (for example visual impairment, dyslexia, deafness etc) please contact us at the so we can work together to get you as good an experience as we can.

Hosted by Winning Pitch as part of Boost’s Bespoke programme.

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