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Can you fulfil orders when demand picks up? Following the frantic period of creating a business and having established a viable operation, you’ve shifted into a phase of growing income and hopefully becoming profitable. Unfortunately, growth demands even greater levels of financial management.

As part of Boost’s Flying Start Start-Up Programme to help you succeed, this session will show you how to:

  • Ramp-up your operations in the most cost-effective ways
  • Understand your cash flow and develop cash acceleration strategies
  • Develop monthly financial reports that help you make better, more timely, growth decisions
  • Decide what role you should have in managing the finances and what you should contract out to specialists plus IT solutions that can save you time and money.

Presented by: Julie Hutson

Hosted by: Enterprise4all as part of Boost’s Flying Start Start-Up programme.

Boost’s Flying Start Pre-Start and Start-Up programmes include a suite of workshops on topics including business planning, access to financial information and advice, marketing your business and building confidence.

If you’re a Lancashire entrepreneur looking to start a new business or if you are at the early stages of growing a new business, this funded programme can help you get off to a flying start by defining your growth plan and helping you create a strong environment for sustained success.

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