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This is Session One of a three-part workshop*.

Session One: Ever wondered what it all means? SEO, analytics, meta descriptions, back links?

In this session we will take an introductory look at SEO, you will discover some tricks of the trade and some handy resources to help you master the dark art of good search engine rankings.

Learn what questions people really ask Google and how you can utilise it to create cracking content.

Hosted by: Enterprise4all as part of Boost’s Flying Start programme.

Presented by: Lisa Thomason

Boost’s Flying Start programme includes a suite of workshops on topics including business planning, access to financial information and advice, marketing your business and building confidence.

Note: This is a three- part workshop.

Session Two: Go on Google yourself! is on Thursday December 9.

Session Three: Bringing it all together. Thursday December 16.

*Please note it is mandatory to attend all three sessions of this workshop.

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