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Day One of a two-day course.*

The digital media revolution of the past decade has dramatically increased the opportunity for businesses of all shapes and sizes to gain the attention and engagement of target audiences through the effective planning, production, distribution and promotion of multi media content, including video and audio.

It’s now become an imperative that new and early stage businesses understand how to maximise this huge potential.

  • Discover the reasons why video and audio content are becoming so much more important for businesses to master in the digital age.
  • Explore the opportunities now available to take marketing and promotional activity to another level.
  • Understand how to plan digital content as a means of achieving greater attention and engagement to get more customers.
  • Appreciate the range of different formats available to choose from.
  • Define and produce a Content Plan.

Hosted by: Winning Pitch as part of Boost’s Flying Start programme.

Presented by: Phil Crowshaw.

Boost’s Flying Start programme includes a suite of workshops on topics including business planning, access to financial information and advice, marketing your business and building confidence.

Day Two: Will be held on December 16.

*Please note it is mandatory to attend both days of this course.

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