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A Marketing Journey of Discovery for business owners who want to see more tangible results from their marketing activities

By far the biggest leverage point in any business is marketing. If you get 10% better at marketing, then this can have an exponential effect on your bottom line.

You need both strategy and tactics to be successful, but strategy must come first as it dictates the tactics you use.

We’ll work together to create your bespoke one-page marketing plan, tackling the Before, During and After stages of the marketing process to create a plan that can dramatically increase your chances of success.

Biggest mistakes I see people make:

  • They copy what other businesses are doing
  • They are marketing to everybody using every tool available to them
  • They don’t give marketing time to make a difference

What you will come away with:

  • Aligned business and marketing objectives
  • Identifiable short, medium and long-term goals
  • Actionable marketing strategies to implement within your business
  • Marketing toolkit to support your growth plan
  • Your one-page marketing plan to achieve success

Presented by: Jean Atkinson

Hosted by: CB partners for Boost. This event is fully funded for businesses with high growth potential in Lancashire that meet eligibility criteria.

There are 6 x 2-hour sessions every fortnight, with interactive, sharing challenges and experiences to ensure true peer group function.

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