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Boost’s Let’s Get Talking group, initiated by Jaydee Davis, Boost Growth Mentoring director, (CB Partners), and Peter Dickinson a Boost growth mentor, began in May 2020 with a view to supporting local business leaders during the COVID-19 pandemic. It recently celebrated its anniversary.

It has been set up to give you a forum to discuss current business-related issues with a group of your peers, whilst giving you networking opportunities.

The key objective  is to offer a place where people felt relaxed and confident to discuss their issues and concerns together.

Jaydee said; “Peter and I just felt that there needed to be a space where people could talk and not feel pressured into any commitment or fixed agenda. Peter is an experienced facilitator and knows how to make everyone feel comfortable during the group sessions. He offers his time voluntary to facilitate the meetings, simply keen to give something back to the businesspeople of Lancashire as we all navigate through such difficult times.

“It has opened up to a wider Lancashire audience as attendees have invited work colleagues and business partners to join and a year later it is still going strong.”

You will work with a group of 6-8 peers on a Wednesday morning at 8.00am via Zoom. There will be short introductions and then you will select a topic to discuss.

Examples include:

  • How to generate leads
  • How best to support your employees
  • Working from home
  • Social distancing

The group meets for an hour once a week so that topics are relevant to what is happening that week. With all the stress of running a business during this crisis it’s your opportunity to discuss your challenges with fellow business owners and get ideas on what you can do to help yourself.

The meeting will be facilitated by Peter Dickinson who has worked with over 400 businesses from a wide range of sectors over the last 19 years. Peter has facilitated a range of different types of peer-groups of businesses and currently runs a similar group on a Friday morning. As the weeks progress, guest mentors will be introduced to the sessions.

Read more about the success of the group: Boost’s Let’s Get Talking peer group hails a year of supporting each other

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