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Business Excellence: Lean for 2022

A fresh look at Lean business tools that align business priorities and profitability with sustainability and the environment.

This programme enables you to look at your company through the eyes of a business improvement expert and see how you can improve your organisation and plan for a sustainable future.

Programme starts: 8th February 2022

Programme benefits:

  • Understand the value and identifying waste within your business
  • Map your business for today and tomorrow and make it adaptable and futureproof
  • Explore your business and have insight into proven Lean Leadership tools and techniques
  • Develop a business that is sustainable, renewable and profitable

This programme will be delivered online over three half-day sessions on the following dates:

  1. Transform to being ‘Lean and Clean’ – February 8, 2022
  2. How to really understand your business – February 22, 2022
  3. Lean leadership – March 8, 2022

Sessions are from 9am-1pm on each date listed above.

Transform to being ‘Lean and Clean’: This workshop will review how waste is more relevant than ever for today‚Äôs energy sensitive priorities. Explore value and how it can help you to prioritise your organisation.

How to really understand your business: Take a step back and reflect on how your organisation currently operates. Understand where issues and pinch points lie within your business and look at how you can challenge them and create an action plan for the future.

Lean Leadership: This workshop looks at the benefits of good organisational culture, ethics and communication and how to effectively implement this into your business strategy.

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