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We would like to welcome Jack Spees from Lancashire Woodland Connect.

Lancashire Woodland Connect – A decade long campaign to increase woodland cover, offset Carbon and boost the environment for people and wildlife.

Woodland is a very popular environmental action in the current climate, this is for good reason, no other habitat type can provide quite an many benefits as Woodland, from Air Quality to Water Quality, reducing flood risk and not least Carbon Offsetting. However, not every woodland is created equal, and although many will profess to providing these benefits, Lancashire Woodland Connect is unique in its drive to focus on priority locations for maximum overall benefit.

Offering Carbon offsetting through Lancashire Woodland Connect ensures that we are able to secure the priority locations and make permanent changes for good. Working with Lancashire based (as well as national) organisations we are able to offer tangible carbon offsets, certified by the Forestry Commission Woodland Carbon Code, that those organisations can not only visit sites, but play an active role in the planting of woodlands and proactively engage employees to make personal changes to support the drive for net zero.

Driving down emissions must always remain the priority action, but there will always be residual emissions, and that’s where woodland can play a pivotal role. However, across the UK the amount of Carbon available for offsetting through woodland is very low, and investment now is crucial for offsetting through Woodland Carbon if we are to meet our net zero targets.

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