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This 1-hour webinar provides a candid, honest overview of what constitutes bias, how biases affect our behavior and the way we make decisions. Nobody is immune. The good news is we have the power to overcome our biases — even if we don’t think we have any.

Unconscious Bias and Inclusion will help you increase your own self-awareness and determine what biases you may be holding subconsciously. You’ll also learn research-based strategies to overcome stereotypes and biases. We all have the power to change if we’re willing to actively pursue it. Viewing this webinar is an important first step.

Join this webinar to hear insights and advice from Karen Haworth from Nutshell Training including:

  • The difference between unconscious bias and discrimination.
  • Types of unconscious bias.
  • Impact of unconscious bias on an organisation.
  • Ways to reduce unconscious bias.

This one hour free* webinar is brought to you by Lancaster & District Chamber of Commerce in partnership with Nutshell Training.

*For Chamber Members

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