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Is there a market for your product or service?

Successful businesses match their product or service with a market niche that values what they offer and ultimately are willing to pay for it. This masterclass focuses on how to build your product and service, market-testing it prior to launch. The session covers:

  • Problems first – build out second! How to increase start-up success.
  • Have we got a problem worth solving? … how set up a Problem/Solution interview and what to say.
  • Creating a Minimum Viable Product/Service to get more learning faster and cheaper.
  • Have we built something people want? …how to verify Product/Market fit.
  • What? Who? How? & When? Creating your Customer Value Proposition Action Plan

This event is part of the Growth Support Programme, a fully funded business support scheme offering:

  • A tailored programme of masterclasses, to up skill yourself and your team in the latest business growth techniques.
  • Networking opportunities – access to a structured and informal networking group operating across Lancashire.
  • Specialist coaching from highly experienced and proven high growth entrepreneurs, focusing on the specific growth constraints your business is facing right now.
  • Growth Action Planning – unlocking the potential in your enterprise.

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