The Innovation Clinic are supporting
local SME’s by offering a FREE 2-day workshop on
“Developing a new product” at The Whitaker, Rawtenstall on
Tuesday 30th April and Wednesday 1st May 2019.
The Innovation Clinic have extended their support and expert advice to over 175 Lancashire
SME’s and have provided businesses with the essential tools to develop product ideas from
concept to market.
The workshop sessions aim to guide SME’s through the key steps of product development
with Clinic’ experts sharing their industry knowledge on –

• What makes a good product
• Understanding your market – competitors, demand and legislation
• The importance of design
• New product development – the steps
• Understanding the cost involved
• Routes to funding
• 1:1 specialist advice

With comments like “The two days were fantastic; I found out what it takes to make a successful
product. I feel like I’ve learnt so much and was impressed by the knowledge and commitment of
the team”, many of our recipients have found the workshops an empowering experience in helping them to understand how they can make their business grow.

This is a FREE event over 2 days

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