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Learn about Environmental Labelling Schemes

Are you a manufacturer or retailer interested in communicating your sustainability efforts through product labels? Do you want to showcase your product’s environmental features to differentiate yourself from competitors? Do you want to learn how to validate environmental claims on your products??

If so, you are invited to join our NextGenChem experts  on Thursday 8th September 2022 at 10 am

Businesses are increasingly using ecolabels as recognition for their environmental achievements and to distinguish themselves from competitors. Their popularity and number have increased significantly in recent years as businesses scramble to respond to today’s environmental challenges and meet consumer demand for ‘greener’ alternatives.

Although ecolabels can be a magnet for corporate greenwashing, there is a close relationship between the eco-labeling process and innovation. Ecolabels – particularly those awarded by independent third parties – drive process and product improvements over time – with products considered to be the ‘best in class’ wearing environmental labels as a badge of honour, showcasing key business achievements.

This workshop will highlight the different types of ecolabels available on the market. Our experts will impart their knowledge of some of the most well-known (and lesser-known) labelling schemes so that you can make an informed decision as to their suitability for your business. The session will:

  • Introduce the different types of environmental labels 
  • Discuss self-declared ecolabels, illustrated with a case study
  • Provide an overview of the EU Ecolabel scheme with insight into common awarding criteria

You are invited to join the workshop, enjoy lunch and a chat with our experts and like-minded businesses and take a tour of the Lancaster University Chemistry Department. Places are limited so please RSVP early to secure your place at:

How can the NextGenChem project support me?

The NextGenChem project can help you grow your business and be innovative. Don’t worry about the cost and the expertise required, NextGenChem is a fully-funded Lancashire based hub designed to help you bring your business to the next level. Our mission is to help local businesses to develop next-generation technology solutions, improved products and novel materials. We are excited to support innovation hungry Lancashire SMEs in chemical-using industries.

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