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Expert Aditya Kadam will speak with you about your Technological hurdles, find out which technologies to use and how to use them.

Aditya Kadam is from India. He studied for his undergraduate degree in computer engineering from a well-known college in India. He completed MSc. in E-Business and Innovation at Lancaster University. Aditya has worked as a freelance IT consultant and Developer for several SMEs in the UK and India.

Along with this, he has co-founded a tech start-up named Garchi International Ltd. which is based in Lancaster, UK. Along with his academic credentials, he has passed several programming language tests and has developed simple to complicated solutions for SMEs. He likes to code a solution for random complicated business problems in his free time.

Key Problems he will address (along with other problems not listed here):

  1. Technological hurdles in the early stages of start-ups by providing guidance on which technologies to use and how to use it. More like a guidance on starting points.
  2. Guidance for start-ups’ who are already using certain technologies on how to scale up and sustain their tech stack.
  3. Guiding on how to research for technological solutions according to your business problems.
  4. Suggestions on how to take a step forward using mobile or web or both apps for your business.
  5. Development strategies considering resources available.
  6. Clear guidance to those who are completely baffled with heavy technical terms.
  7. Guidance on how to hire and what to look for in a person for technical roles.
  8. Finding possible alternative cost-effective solutions so that technology doesn’t seem scary to integrate into the business.
  9. Problems related to emerging technologies like IoT, AI, Blockchain, Cloud computing, Big Data Analytics, Database architecture, VR, and much more.

If you or your business experience any of these problems, sign up for one of our 4 30-minute sessions and see how Aditya could help you!

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