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Focussing on the Visioning Orbit, exploring the scalability of your business idea to ensure you understand how you might overcome barriers to the growth of your company.

Creating fast growth business models…how to create a game changing industry solution for your business idea. Room for growth…how to make your business model more scalable.

Generating your own business’s single page growth plan to convert high growth intent into an operational reality.

Learn how to understand if you have:

  1. found a business model that works and how attitudes and vision of the entrepreneurs drive growth of small organisations,
  2. How entrepreneurs of small organisations conduct early search for strategic fit in the market and the environment, and
  3. How entrepreneurs of small organisations persist in their search for better fit in the market.

Learn how the vision and business model reflects strategic and entrepreneurial dimensions of growth.

Presented: Phil Crowshaw

Hosted by: Winning Pitch as part of Boost’s Flying Start programme.

Boost’s Flying Start programme includes a suite of masterclasses on topics including business planning, access to financial information and advice, marketing your business and building confidence.

If you’re a Lancashire entrepreneur looking to start a new business or if you are at the early stages of growing a new business, this funded programme can help you get off to a flying start by defining your growth plan and helping you create a strong environment for sustained success.

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