Chorley Council along with The Lancashire Digital Skills Partnership and the Lancashire Skills & Employment Hub are working with partners to bring some exciting opportunities to businesses in Lancashire. One of these partners is Google who offer the Google Digital Garage project, this is part of Google’s commitment to provide free digital skills training to everyone across the UK. It is a place where anyone can come and learn how to harness the power of the internet to grow their business, develop new vocational skills or grow their confidence online.

Learn the theory and create a strategy for your business, through an intro to digital marketing, understanding of digital marketing channels and creating a digital marketing plan

Audience: SMBs / Students /Individuals

In just one hour, You’ll find out how to build a bespoke digital marketing plan for your small business—and ways to measure its success. Our coaches will also give you the lowdown on the main digital channels that are available, and the types of goals they can help you achieve. You’ll leave with the skills needed to create a practical, realistic digital strategy that works for you, and gets results.

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