Great Ideas to Save the World – with Daniel Charny & Guests

Part of the Festival of Making, 14-16 June in Blackburn. In association with Creative Lancashire.

“The knowledge of how to make is one of humanity’s most precious resources. Making is the most powerful way that we solve problems, express ideas and shape our world”
Daniel Charny, Power of Making, Fixperts & From Now On

In this age of acceleration, what and where are the sources of ideas that will help us navigate a world that is threatened by the impact of mass consumerism and globalisation? Who are the visionary creatives and makers that can help bring about change, conceive the new models and radical solutions? Designers, like many of us, are complicit in the accumulation of a giant mountain of useless ‘stuff’ that we neither require, nor can dispose of in a responsible way.

On Saturday 15 June, Daniel Charny (Fixperts/From Now On) hosts the first of two sessions on this topic. The other panel session is with Patrick Grant (Fashion Designer, Community Clothing) on Sunday 16th June.

Together with inspirational guests at the forefront of new ideas in making and creativity, Daniel will highlight the concepts, models and individuals who are actively shaping a vision for a positive way ahead.

This panel discussion features:

  • Adele Orcajada (MaterialDriven)
  • Daniel Charny (Fixperts)
  • Gareth Owen Lloyd (Other Today)

This event is FREE to attend. Only a limited number of seats are available on the day – please book your place in advance.

The second Great Ideas To Save The World session featuring Patrick Grant and Josie Warden takes place at 12.30 on Sunday 16 June. More information

Daniel Charny is an internationally recognised curator, consultant and educator with an enquiring mind and an entrepreneurial streak. His wayward curiosity and relentless pursuit of ideas account for his prolific level of output. He is founding curator of the Aram Gallery, creative director of the international multi-site Maker Library Network and is Professor of Design at Kingston University.

Daniel is also a co-founder of Fixperts, an award-winning, hands-on learning programme that challenges young people to use their imagination and skills to create ingenious solutions to everyday problems. Major curatorial works include Power of Making at the V&A (2011), Future of Fixing (2014) and Design Maker User (2016).

Adele Orcajada is partner of a design agency and materials library in London, where she investigates material innovation and its impact across all industries. With materials at the core, her research is dedicated to encourage ethical and sustainable practices within craft and design. She has a background as an accessories product developer, sourcing materials and transforming them into products for high street fashion brands and fair trade companies across Europe and South America.

Gareth Owen Lloyd is co-founder of Other Today, a design consultancy working to widen access to skills and tools found in makerspaces. Their most recent project is a pop-up micro factory for Participatory City in Barking and Dagenham. They are part of the EU’s Distributed Design Market Platform, prototyping a sustainable future for manufacturing. Gareth was part of the team that set up London’s first FabLab, Machines Room, and is Chief Maker for Little Inventors.

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