Do you feel stress creeping into your work day? Are your work tools or environment affecting your productivity? Are you a busy business owner or professional looking for ways to work smarter, without becoming a robot?

Our modern workplaces are increasingly tech environments, and our work habits and tools don’t always support our wellbeing and performance. In this workshop, we focus on simple, supportive approaches that can power up your productivity and prevent stress from taking hold.

Join Michelle Bondesio, a communications and behaviour design consultant, to learn simple techniques and practices to help you (and your team) improve your approach to work.

You will leave this practical, topic-focused workshop with knowledge and activities that you can start implementing straight away, to improve your daily work processes, your productivity and your wellbeing.

In this session, we will cover:

  1. The impact that stress, technology, culture and environment is having on your wellbeing, productivity and business performance, without you knowing it.
  2. How existing working routines, habits and behaviours can affect your performance and your stress levels, and how to identify where change is needed.
  3. Essential practices which support wellbeing in our tech-focused environments.
  4. How to create small, simple changes, to counteract bad habits and build better, more resilient ones.

Who is this workshop for?

Entrepreneurs, small business owners, freelancers, consultants, directors, managers and HR representatives. Business professionals who want to develop more effective practices which support long-term wellbeing, performance, and success.

What are Growth Sessions?

Growth Sessions are a platform for raising awareness, sharing tools and exploring ideas which empower you to improve your habits, strengthen your wellbeing, and activate more of your potential. The aim of the Growth Sessions talks, workshops, mentoring and training sessions are to support business professionals, creative thinkers, and people working in the digital sphere, to live and work better.

Feedback from other Growth Sessions Workshops:

“Michelle knows how to put participants centre stage in her workshops, to engage the group and deliver the content in a fun way, which makes the whole learning process more enjoyable and retainable.” Sirka Moore (BDC Moore)

“I recently attended a Growth Sessions workshop on Technology and Wellbeing and it was insightful and full of practical actions. Highly recommended.” Simon Price (Senior Lecturer, Lancashire Law School, UCLan)

“The Digital Habits workshop was a fun and informative session with real-life application. Thoroughly enjoyed by all.” Catarina King (Society1)

“There was a great mix of practical elements versus presented content, and some of the content also brought up engaging discussions. I know there is a lot to cover on this type of topic [stress management], but it was a great all round workshop.” Paul Hough (Think!Creative)

“The Technology & Wellbeing workshop was interesting, topical, relevant. Very informative. It’s relatable for all people and all work sectors.”

Cost includes:

  • Handouts and writing materials during the guided session.
  • Hot and cold refreshments and biccies.

What to bring:

This is a relaxed, interactive workshop session. All you need is an open mind, a desire to learn and a willingness to make change.

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