Organised by UCLan’s UpSkilling Lancashire project and delivered by Jon Myhill from mental health training provider ‘KNOW’,

Most of us are now focussing on the reality of a transition out of lockdown and how we can use the Coronavirus situation as a catalyst for change. Despite the uncertainty, many people are keen to press the reset button and avoid returning to a position where the work/life osmosis was stress-laden, and disengagement was increasing.

The trouble is, at least in the short term, pressure is likely to be greater than it was before COVID-19. However, increased pressure does not make stress inevitableā€¦unless we let it!

During a 60-minute Zoom-based session, which will be preceded by an opportunity to complete the Robertson Cooper iResilience test, we will look at:

  • Getting behind what we tend to call stress by better understanding our emotions and responses.
  • Practical strategies to regulate emotions and build resilience.
  • The importance of talking and listening.
  • Working together to create an emotionally safe, stress-resistant workplace.
  • Using wellbeing impact assessments to build resilience.

Attendees will also be asked to complete the Robertson Cooper iResilience test before the session, this should take no more than 10 minutes.

Attendees will receive a Zoom link via email to access the workshop.

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