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Does the thought of sales and selling fill you with dread?

Don’t miss this fantastic masterclass with Del Parsons at the Pink Link Summer Regional conference!

So many brilliant business women are missing out on making more money through their fear of sales and selling because they’re afraid of being seen as pushy!

In this practical masterclass Del will share with you where fear lives in your brain, how to overcome it in the sales process with 6 little words and what you should say when a prospect throws back those really awkward objections like “I can’t afford it” or “now’s not the right time”.

Del Parsons launched her coaching business back in 2017 to help female founders gain clients, achieve more success and create a DELiciously joyful life and business. She combines her professional coaching qualifications with lived experience of climbing the corporate ladder and running seven-figure ventures.

Del champions powerful women who want to run their business in a feminine way.

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