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Supporting the aging workforce: Sustainable workforce and extended working lives through the lens of firefighters.

Speakers: Dr Rima Hussein & Dr Katharina Bader, Newcastle Business School, Northumbria University

iROWE and the University of Central Lancashire centre of Business, Management and Enterprise are running a series of seminars on ‘healthy and supportive workplaces’. In this seminar the focus is on the aging workforce and the realities of extending working lives. It will explore situations that allow workers to make valuable contributions through their work and reveal how working lives can be extended.

The seminar will highlight the unsustainability of extending working lives because of wellbeing and organisational pressures. It will consider not just the physical demands and characteristics of work, but also individual circumstances and contextual factors that hinder the extension of working lives. The seminar will use a fascinating case study of UK firefighters, but wider issues of extended working lives will be relevant across all occupations.

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