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In this engaging, immersive talk, our guest speaker Jay Stansfield will show you how to find your Inner Creative to bring excitement, creativity and joy into your work projects and homelife. Jay will also let you into the secret of how getting more creative can help propel your business forwards.

As children many of us would have been at our most creative, constantly curious, inventive and happy with it. When we become adults with responsibilities, and businesses, we feel the need to be professional and serious. We often lose that childlike approach to life, that spontaneous creativity that can bring us joy and fabulous ideas. Via the emerging world of Virtual Reality (VR), Jay will show us how to recapture that childlike wonder and reconnect with our Inner Creative and how that can help us and our businesses to grow as a result.

Jay Stansfield is an artist, illustrator, musician and creative Dad from Colne in Lancashire. He’s been drawing, illustrating and creating for over two decades and loves making people smile. Jay’s most recent illustration commission is for international artist ‘Lanksy’ who wrote a story called Life O’ Pie, a magazine created to combat loneliness and isolation in East Lancashire.

Jay has also published a colouring journal for children called Squibbles and a children’s book called Meet The Squibbles. The feedback from his work is always positive and he relishes meeting new people and working with new businesses on creative uplifting projects.

The event will run between 9.30am and 11am:

  • 9.30am – For the first 5 minutes we’ll make sure everyone can access and use Zoom successfully and welcome you all.
  • 9.35am – Speedy Introductions – Your chance to introduce yourself and your business.
  • 10.00am (roughly) – Guest speaker: Jay Stansfield
  • 10.30am (roughly) – Open Q&A – Your chance to ask Jay any questions you wish or bring up topical matters for discussion with all registrants.
  • 11am – Event close.

Places are limited so book early to avoid disappointment!

Hosted by : Paul Foster

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