Making & Creating – The Skills of the Future

Part of the Festival of Making, 14-16 June in Blackburn. In association with Creative Lancashire.

“Our capacity to be creative is one of the defining qualities of humanity. I believe it provides our greatest hope. It’s why investing in it makes sense.”
Darren Henley, Creativity: Why It Matters (2018)

In his most recent publication, Creativity: Why It Matters, Darren Henley OBE, Chief Executive of Arts Council England, writes about the inextricable link between arts and science, and how creativity lies at the heart of human progress. Darren’s proposition sets the context for our stellar panel to provide their own perspectives and expand on the themes discussed in our Why Creativity Matters roundtable (on Friday 14 June), to present their own, unique insights on the current state of creative and arts provision in schools, colleges, higher education and informal learning.

Creativity is increasingly important to our current and future generations’ ability to strive, survive and succeed in life and any profession – including those that we can’t name or describe yet. The case for the vital role of creativity in the development of a young person’s skills for learning, for life and work, is robust.

However, despite this, creativity and the expressive arts disciplines are the victims of ever diminishing budgets in education, and their importance is marginalised in comparison to tech, sciences and traditional subjects.

This panel discussion, hosted by Rachel Cooper OBE (Imagination Lancashire), will highlight the new ideas and individuals who are responding to this crisis in often extraordinary ways, to determine a vision for STEAM and the future of creative learning. Guests include Andria Zafirakou – Global Teacher of the Year 2018.

Panel Participants:

  • Rachel Cooper (Imagination Lancaster University)
  • Alison Clark (Arts Council England)
  • Andria Zafirakou (Artists in Residence)
  • Jason Stocks Young (JSY Leatherworks)
  • Daniel Charny (Fixperts/From Now On)

This event is FREE to attend. We expect this event to be over-subscribed on the day, so please book your place in advance.

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