Sahar Hashemi will discuss the importance of learnable entrepreneurial habits for sustainable business performance.

Sahar believes that entrepreneurship is not about personality, nor is it restricted to start-ups. It’s a set of habits that anyone can learn – habits that are becoming increasingly important to organizations big or small. To keep up with the pace of innovation, all companies need to act small. They need to behave much more like entrepreneurs- more agile, curious, creative, resourceful and connected to customers; less rigid and complacent.

In order to nurture an entrepreneurial mind-set in businesses at all levels, including large organisations, Sahar explains the need to: impersonate your customers, avoid becoming set in your ways, being fully present at work and implementing a trial and error culture which celebrates the value of failure.

From a top-notch corporate lawyer who knew nothing about retail to an entrepreneur who turned the Brits from tea lovers into coffee drinkers, Sahar has a great story to share. Sahar blends her experiences of building two famous brands -Coffee Republic and Skinny Candy – with the key ‘habits’ for innovation and creativity.

The Masterclass is sponsored by Natwest.

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