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Please note this is a two day workshop. Day one taking place on the 16th of May and day two on the 23rd of May.

Poor mental health has negative impacts on businesses, both on the productivity of the organisation and the quality of life of the individual affected. This workshop will explore the impacts on organisations, current approaches to supporting mental health, and how they tailor their practices and conditions to improve the wellbeing of their employees.

Over this two-day workshop you will explore ideas using a proven innovation process called Design Thinking, which provides a person-centred and structured approach to drive and implement innovation. To bring the process to life, we will be using real issues and challenging you to come up with creative solutions to those challenges.

By the end of the two workshops, we hope that you will leave with:

  • A clear understanding of how to apply Design Thinking to your business opportunities.
  • Access to one day a week fully funded hot desking at the HIC for six months.
  • The inspiration to innovate within your specialist area.
  • Lots of valuable contacts with like-minded professionals.

We will be joined by guest speak, Doctor Abby Morris.

Abby is a Lecturer in Organisational Health and Well Being in the Faculty of Health and Medicine at Lancaster University. Her research brings together researcher and practitioner training and experience in the development, implementation and evaluation of workplace health programmes. She is an interdisciplinary mixed-methods researcher who’s current research examines the feasibility, acceptability and effectiveness of multi-component sitting reduction and activity promotion interventions in contact centres and traditional office workers, with a focus on the use of innovative physical and web-based technologies. She has recently been awarded NIHR funding to explore the prioritisation of Local Authorities actions for tackling climate change in the interests of health and health inequalities.

Additional Information

Places are fully funded for this workshop and available to businesses who meet European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) eligibility criteria. Places are limited to only one representative per organisation. Criteria includes:

  • Currently trading and based in Lancashire
  • With fewer than 250 full-time employees
  • An annual turnover less than €43 million
  • Received less than €200,000 of publicly funded support in the last 3 years.

You will be required to attend both days and following registration one of our team will contact you. You will need to complete an application form to assess your eligibility and provide company information to meet our funder’s requirements.

If you have any questions, please contact:

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