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This Electricity North West event will describe the opportunities for NW businesses to generate additional income through flexible services.

Electricity North West, as the region’s network operator, plays a central role in the North West reaching its net zero targets. Part of this role is to ensure the network has enough capacity for the increased demand for electric vehicles, heat pumps and other low carbon technologies.

We ensure there is enough capacity through two actions: new network infrastructure i.e. a bigger network, and; through buying flexible services.

We buy flexible services from a range of different types of organisation, from specialist energy companies and aggregators, to farmers, supermarkets, owners of EV fleets and non-specialist businesses and groups looking for extra income, among others.

These services could be provided and paid for in the following ways:

  • Reducing electricity demand at certain times of the day
  • Increasing the amount of generation on the network at times of high demand
  • Installing energy efficiency measures, and reducing overall demand

This workshop will give an overview of the latest set of flexible services we are looking to procure and how businesses can get involved, from energy specialists, to non-specialists alike.

Attendees will be walked through how to get involved by registering to become a flexible provider via the latest competitive tendering process. See here for more details:

All this will be explained in the context of ENWL’s transition to Distribution System Operation and our wider programme to help businesses and the North West take urgent action to reach net zero.

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