This masterclass is for entrepreneurs that need support with how to manage pricing, how to reduce costs and overheads and how to increase profit margins in order to grow and scale your business.

The Grow How Master Class series is part of the Growth Support Programme, a fully funded programme delivered by Winning Pitch and Enterprise4all. The Grow How Master Classes are specifically designed for aspiring enterprises and will incorporate interactive action learning sets. The Grow How Master Classes will support enterprises to tackle complex growth challenges and provide you with the knowledge and tools to overcome barriers to growth and empower you and your enterprise to reach your growth potential.

Why attend?

There are many challenges aspiring entrepreneurs face when mapping out their growth journey, from marketing to finding customers to developing a sustainable strategy. One key element that bonds all this together is getting your pricing right. By doing this not only will you maximise your income but also drive profit margins. Following this interactive session, you will feel empowered and;

  • Re-think your pricing strategy
  • Become better equipped to manage costs
  • Understand margins
  • Focussed on profit not just turnover

If you would like more information on this masterclass or to reserve a place please contact Sue Denver on or contact 07718 763 405.

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