Whether you’re already an established entrepreneur or just toying with the idea of starting your own business, you want to give Mike Peters MBE a listen.

Mikes’ own journey started over 40 years ago when he started UPL (Universal Products Manufacturing Ltd.) – a manufacturer of pharmaceutical and personal care products. When he sold UPL in 2014 the company’s turnover had grown from £79,000 per annum to £40 million.

Of course, growing a business to such a size is never easy. There have been difficulties, sure, but the rewards that such an enterprise can bring can be quite surprising. Mike offers some advice based from his own experience of how to overcome the challenges of running an enterprise.

What’s more, Mike offers advice on how to do so ethically and with decency.

Mike Peters started UPL in 1976 with only 4 staff members. In 2014 when he sold the company, he was responsible for 300 staff members, all contributing to a turnover of £40 million. Alongside UPL, he was also the co-owner of Link Pharmaceuticals and a shareholder in Levity Crop Science. Across all areas, Mike is well prepared, competitive and fair. He is lauded for the enthusiasm he brings to business, receiving an MBE in 2013 for Services to Industry and Charity. Lancastrian of the year in 2016 and eleven times motor sports champion, Mike’s certainly an interesting guy.

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