This highly interactive workshop will provide businesses with the information they need to ensure they are prepared, have planned for and are implementing the correct changes to ensure a smooth transition in dealing with Regulatory Compliance, Data Protection and Accounting.

It will cover areas such as:

  • Compliance with state aid and regulators, e commerce, general business regulations, such as intellectual property rights, merger and anti-competition rules, accounting standards and audit.
  • Import and export rules, including the export of controlled goods and genetically modified food and animal feed products. Product safety, ranging from food labelling to the regulation of chemicals.
  • Consumer privacy/data protection, including contractual obligations related to data collection/transfer.
  • Environmental protection such as emissions standards and climate change-related requirements.

Delegates will also receive information on:

  • Complying with ‘a third country business’ including specific accounting and reporting requirements.
  • Competition Statutory Instrument Mergers, State Aid & Antitrust.
  • Operating web sites with an .eu domain name registration and EU exit guidance.
  • Regulatory agencies complying with separate UK and EU regulators.
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