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Understanding Selling

Selling is usually the biggest block to growth for start-ups if they have never sold before during their career.
We all struggle when we sell for the first time. Our culture doesn’t help as we may not be comfortable mentioning money and we hate to be perceived as being pushy.

This workshop will give you steps and techniques which will improve your confidence levels even before you leave the workshop and help you:

  • Know why confidence when you are selling is important
  • Find out your Selling Confidence Score
  • Challenge your beliefs about salespeople and know what is really involved in selling
  • Understand how your feelings, thoughts and actions impact on your confidence
  • Learn techniques to control your chattering monkeys
  • Understand the power of your body language and how people use it to decide if they will buy
  • Discover if ‘faking it until you make it’ is a myth or a fact.

This event is part of Boost’s Growth Support Programme an is hosted by Enterprise4All.

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