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Indonesia Renewable Energy Summit (IndoEBTKE Conex)

We are organizing a full week per country for 1-2-1 business meetings between registered UK mission delegates, who are suppliers of energy efficiency products and services for green building, and property developers.

The B2B week for Vietnam leg in this regional mission may start either from w/c 29 November or w/c 6 Dec.

The dates for Malaysia and Thailand will be confirmed soon.

Local Stakeholders involved:

  • Property/infrastructure developers who are keen on green building, particularly on energy efficiency products and services.
  • Importers/exporters of energy products/services

Date: 29 Nov – 10 Dec 2021
Slots: 8.00 – 10.00 AM, UK time (3.00 – 5.00 PM, Vietnam time)
Contact: Ngoc Dung Trinh <>

Date: Dec 2021 (TBC)
Contact: Amirah Ahmad Takhiuddin <>

Date: Dec 2021 (TBC)
Contact: Ravipa Chongveruwon <

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