Starting a business?

To be successful you need a viable business idea, skills to make it work and the finance to get you going. This workshop will help you to avoid many of the pit falls facing a new start up business. Testing your idea, what does your business model look like, is it scalable, can you make money from it?

This workshop is open to all levels and sectors and there’s no enterprise too small that could benefit from this support, it would also be a great opportunity for the more established entrepreneur to pitch a new idea to other more budding entrepreneurs.

This workshop can help you with:

  • Assessing whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur
  • Identifying all you need to know at the beginning of your journey in respect of what options are available to set up legally
  • Marketing: how important is it what method will you use and how much is it likely to cost
  • Basic finance and where to access start up and future finance requirements
  • Business planning what does it look like how do I start.Tools and techniques demonstrated to accommodate different entrepreneurs styles
  • For any one with an idea to start a business this workshop is the place to gain first hand information to set you on your journey avoiding costly mistakes

Workshop room will be laid out as to be fully socially distanced with a packed lunch and refreshments designed to avoid contact with other attendees.

Cost: Free

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