Need some help to get that great business idea off the ground?

Boost’s two-day bootcamp is a fresh yet proven format for young and pre-start businesses with high growth potential. Our bootcamp format is specifically designed to help get your business launched whilst overcoming the many challenges and minimising risks.

Successful businesspeople build their business in their own way. The best companies have strong people at the top, with the ability to develop and communicate a compelling vision, motivate the team to meet challenging objectives and provide leadership.

Day two will support you to develop what funding is required to grow your business and where this can be sourced. Cash is the essence of a small business. If you run out of cash, you can easily go out of business irrespective of how many orders your sales skills have brought in. Basic financial forecasting and accountancy is essential, don’t leave profit and loss, balance sheets, cash flow and break even analysis to your accountants.

Starting a business can also be a culture shock for many people. Entrepreneurs need to communicate effectively, (and differently) therefore essential management abilities include delegation and motivating staff to meet your standards and goals.

We will support you to build a great team – thinkers, sellers, doers and controllers – and create a culture where values and behaviours are aligned to delivering great service.

Please note, this event is day two of a two-day Boot Camp. If you wish to attend this event, please also register for day one here:

Start-up Bootcamp – Day one

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