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Think Differently Sprint is Lancashire Forum Creative’s take on the Design Sprint methodology.

The programme aims to give you a hands-on experience to explore, accelerate and innovate ideas that will disrupt and transform your business.

What happens on the day

Following on from the successes of the physical and remote workshops, the sixth in the series builds on these unique experiences by offering a programme condensed into one day. Promoting the rapid thinking mindset, you will have time to ask questions, develop an idea and build up your knowledge of the process.

The day is broken down into phases. Each phase provides you with the background information and worksheets needed to scaffold and frame your understanding.

These worksheets will form part of the toolkit which you will receive upon completion of the Sprint. It has been designed by creative and digital people for creative and digital people.

Food and Drink: As this workshop runs from 8 to 8, a light breakfast, buffet lunch and pizza at teatime as well as hot and cold drinks throughout the day are included.

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