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Do you own an online website or web shop where chemical products can be sold? Do you buy chemical mixtures on different online platforms?

You are invited to join NextGenChem on 11 October 2022 at 10am where Fiona Moir and her team will share some useful insight and tools that you can use in your business to make a difference, learn about your legal obligations and how to comply.

Online shopping is growing rapidly, accentuated by the current global health crisis. The sale of products containing chemicals classified as hazardous is also benefiting from this trend. As a result, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the authorities to control the compliance of online sales platforms to protect the health of buyers and the environment..

It has become possible for everyone to trade or have access to chemicals that are not allowed to be sold to the general public. Restricted chemicals may be found in items sold online. These are examples of non-compliance with CLP / REACH regulations.

This workshop will highlight the different aspects to be taken into account when selling or buying chemicals online in order to comply with the European chemical regulations and thus ensure consumer and environmental protection.

The workshop will cover:

  • ECHA’s Enforcement Forum (REF – 8)
  • Duty of online suppliers
  • Responsibility for different online platforms (Website, Web shop, Marketplace)
  • Requirement for restricted substances
  • Transfer of health-relevant information to the consumer

You are invited to join the workshop, enjoy lunch and a chat with our experts and like-minded businesses and take a tour of the Lancaster University Chemistry Department. Places are limited so please RSVP early to secure your place at:

How can the NextGenChem project support me?

The NextGenChem project can help you grow your business and be innovative. Don’t worry about the cost and the expertise required, NextGenChem is a fully-funded Lancashire based hub designed to help you bring your business to the next level. Our mission is to help local businesses to develop next-generation technology solutions, improved products and novel materials. We are excited to support innovation hungry Lancashire SMEs in chemical-using industries.

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