Organised by UCLan’s UpSkilling Lancashire project, the ‘Adaptability for Leaders and Managers’ online workshop will provide you with advice, support and coaching on adapting to the changes ahead.

Given the current climate, there is no doubt that there is a requirement to adapt and respond to the changing situations we find ourselves in.

Facilitated in association with Win In Minds, the session will be delivered by trainer Mick Stott, Mick has 30 year experience working with the armed forces where he developed and embedded performance coaching into their culture. Mick has worked with Elite sports coaches, Olympians through to Senior management teams. Mick has developed a research based system for emotional transition and adaptation, the session will look at:

  • Why would you want to be adaptable: Looking at the reasons as to why it is important as a leader or manager to understand change and the effects change has.
  • What is being adaptable: adapt and able, what makes you able as a leader, what influences how you adapt, the law of requisite variety and its application in business.
  • What if you do or don’t : The benefits of developing adaptability, the problems when you don’t, the power of coaching the change.

Attendees will receive a Zoom link via email to access the workshop.

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