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Confidence and Wellbeing in Challenging Times

Facilitated by Wendy Bowers and Katy Mason

As we emerge from the pandemic, we see daily articles, research and Ted talks about resilience and wellbeing and the impact this can have in our workplaces. We are being encouraged to assess the mental and physical health of our teams and build strategies that release innovation and productivity and ultimately improve the bottom line.

As female leaders, what is the relationship between our own mental and physical health and our confidence in ourselves, and how does this impact our relationships both within the workplace and in our families and communities.

We are encouraged to lean in, shake off the imposter syndrome, ask for higher salaries, apply for non-exec roles. But is this ability to empower oneself all down to the individual?

Join us to discuss the fascinating link between personal confidence, health and wellbeing and the changes needed in society and the workplace that will enable women to thrive and stay confident at all stages of their lives.

This event is fully funded for female business leaders and managers in Lancashire providing they have not previously attended a Leading Lancashire event.

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