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Through the fully funded Boost Growth Mentoring programme, business owners and managers can access a wide variety of professional experts to help them develop and grow their business.

We highlight some of the mentors working with Lancashire businesses behind the scenes. So take a break and read about wellness coach and business mentor Lou Booth.

Why did you choose to become a mentor?

I love people and I am passionate about supporting businesses on their journey to flourish. Having spent over 10 years growing my own business, I know how important it is to keep learning and to connect with together with others to share ideas, grow expertise and gain new perspectives.

How do you make a real difference to Lancashire businesses?

I bring a wide range of professional knowledge and expertise from marketing to business planning and executive coaching. I combine this with new innovations gained through my studies and knowledge of mindfulness and insights in business.

I’m a pragmatist at heart and very action orientated. I offer business owners the time and space to reflect, balanced with motivation and action.

What is your area of expertise and why is it an important area to for business leaders to address?

My area of expertise is wellness and resilience. Now more than ever keeping business leaders and their teams well and resilient is crucial. We have all been living through a time of great change.

It has been testing and many people are still making sense of their personal experiences and exploring ways to adapt to living and working well.

What has been your most inspirational moment as a mentor?

There are many inspirational moments, they usually occur in a coaching conversation when a client moves through a business block. It’s a moment where they find that rare personal insight that they need to make a difference and move forward. They are able to confidently own and embody the insight and it’s a joyful moment for all to experience!

What are the key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

The key challenges are different depending on the business sector. The North West experienced continuous lockdown measures during the pandemic. Overall, getting all businesses started again and helping them to adapt to change is a priority. Making sure businesses are confidently resourced and resilient and can keep well is paramount.

Business owners need to protect and care for their staff’s wellness, while ensuring the changing needs and expectations of their clients and customer are also met in order to keep the business strong and healthy.

As a mentor, what are your three business growth tips?

1. Know and share your business values with your team. Let your values be your compass in tricky times, your North Star.

2. Keep all your team informed and up-to-date, with open lines of communication for all team members. Keeping motivation and morale high is key to success and keeping a happy ship. Much time, and frustration can be avoided by bravely dealing with issues earlier on, rather than letting them fester.

3. Support roles are key in organisations and often overlooked. They can free up the time of the busy business leader and provide those essential communication, organisation and co-ordination skills that help the organisation to function well and respond quickly to market opportunities.

Lou Booth

Lou is an executive wellness coach and business mentor, who employs the latest wellness and resilience evidence-based techniques to improve the growth and performance of individuals and organisations

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