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Today Debbie Chinn, a specialist in the hospitality and food and drink sectors, talks about her role in supporting Lancashire businesses.

What do you see is your role as a Boost relationship manager?

I am the connection between business owners and business support.  I am that impartial, independent broker, acting in the best interest of the client to get them to the right support at the right time. My role is to help them look at the facts, determine the issues and agree a solution whist identifying the right package of support to move the business forward.

What kinds of businesses have you helped recently and what areas of support were they seeking?

The types of businesses changes day to day. This month I have engaged with entertainment venue, restaurant, drinks manufacturer, 24/7 same day courier service, On line App food delivery service, health and well being consultant and instructor, IT installation and maintenance service and haulage company.

Each business had different needs from accessing finance for growth, help to develop a sales and marketing strategy, taking on an apprentice, packaging solutions, and help with issues around test marketing a new product.

How do you feel you have helped them?

In all of the above examples I was able to listen to their issues, identify where the potential solutions lay and determine the next steps to get them to the right help. In each case we discussed in great detail the problems, solutions and impact on the business so that the right help could be identified.

I then acted as broker and introduced them to the relevant partner organisations to discuss a way forward and how we could achieve the desired outcomes for the client.

What are the key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

Lancashire businesses are worried about the uncertainty surrounding further lockdowns and the impact it will have on their businesses. Some sectors have been harder hit that others and deciding their best way out is often difficult to determine because of that. Confidence in the Government Covid strategy and having belief in a future, is key to some of them. Knowing how to build resilience and refocus the business in order to stay sustainable and profitable moving ahead.

Why it is so important to help Lancashire business leaders?

We need to encourage our business leaders with shared responsibility to build a county that thrives and provides opportunities for future generations. We need to support our business leaders so that they can grow and contribute to the local economy, creating skilled jobs and supporting social values.  We need to support their ideas and innovation to encourage investment so the UK remains competitive in a global market place and delivers a better future for all.

Debbie Chin Boost Business Relationship manager

Debbie Chinn is a relationship manager for Boost. She has worked in the business support arena for a number of years and specialises in hospitality, food and drink and the visitor economy.

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