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Boost is a funded business support service that helps Lancashire business owners and leaders navigate the business support landscape to find the right support for their business.

Our Business Support Spotlight series highlights the wealth of support listed on Boost’s Support Hub and available to Lancashire businesses.

Today’s spotlight shines on NextGenChem a Lancashire-based hub for chemistry innovation.

How do you help Lancashire businesses?

NextGenChem supports the R&D Challenges of SMEs in the Lancashire area, using skills, knowledge, expertise and facilities to promote growth and innovation in the chemicals used by companies.

Why do Lancashire businesses need your support?

SMEs may not have access to the personnel or facilities required to see their projects come to fruition. We offer the support from Lancaster University and Yordas Group to bring those projects to the fore.

Our access to expertise in polymer science, catalysis, chemical engineering, sustainability and chemical processes are world class.

How are you helping Lancashire businesses overcome the economic challenges of coronavirus?

As companies begin to re-open and invite their staff to return from furlough, they will be looking towards the future and ways to grow their business. The NextGenChem Hub for chemistry innovation is excited to let Lancashire businesses know how fully funded scientific and online workshop opportunities can help.

Lancaster University and Yordas Group, a leading provider of scientific and global regulatory consultancy services, have partnered to co-create a new £4.9m business-support Hub, NextGenChem.

NextGenChem  is part-funded by European Regional Development Fund and aims to spearhead innovation for 300 Lancashire Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) that produce or use chemicals, and develop a model that we can then expand globally.

What are the other key challenges for Lancashire businesses at the moment?

Many companies use chemicals, whether it be for cleaning or in packaging. With a push towards sustainability and better technologies and processes, both to create greener industry standards and reduce commercial costs, companies are looking for ways to make a difference to their chemical use. NextGenChem can support this.

What’s the future for the Lancashire economy?

Through innovation Lancashire businesses will grow even stronger. We’ve seen a strong drive for SMEs to drive innovation in order to increase their efficiencies and services, with a number of them looking to become world leaders in areas that haven’t been looked at by the industry for some time.

Lancashire communities are buoyant and supportive, and work together to drive growth and interest in the area.

Boost can help Lancashire businesses navigate the local, regional and national public and private sector business support landscape to find the right support for their business. Call 0800 488 0057 or complete our quick form and a member of the Boost team will be in touch to start your growth conversation.

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