Be The Business, in collaboration, with the Growth Company is delivering a mentoring programme to SME businesses aimed at bridging the productivity gap identified between the SME and the corporate market.  Mentoring for Growth is designed to support the growth of companies and senior decision-makers. It is fully funded by the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy and covers all sectors.

What we do

The Mentoring for Growth programme matches mentees with mentors (including CEOs and Directors) from blue-chip organisations including; BAE Systems, GSK, Siemens, Cisco, Amazon, KPMG, Ernst & Young, McKinsey, BT, Accenture, John Lewis and Partners and other companies.

Engaging with a mentor can provide specific industry knowledge and bring a wider perspective to boost personal and business development. Typically, businesses who engage with a mentor find that the external input positively impacts future growth.

You may also find the video and case study links below useful which outline mentor and mentee experiences:

 Who is it for?

We are currently offering two mentoring programmes with the following eligibility criteria:

  1. A 12-week Rapid Response Cohort (RRC) mentoring programme
  • Eligibility criteria for SME mentees: £1M T/O & a minimum of 6 FTE. Engagement with a senior leader / decision maker in that organisation
  • The focus is on providing SMEs with:
  • Guidance on Personal resilience, Business continuity and liquidity, Pivoting and spotting new opportunities out of the disruption, managing risk, protecting business for the future, Leading and communicating with staff and teams in times of crisis
  • Short sharp engagements to deal with rapidly changing environment, via weekly video calls / phone calls
  • Participation in Virtual Working Groups / Webinars
  • This programme covers all sectors
  1. A 12-month mentoring programme
  • Eligibility criteria* for mentees: £2.0M T/O & a minimum of 10 FTE
  • For senior decision-makers with influence over the direction of your business
  • Offering advice and support to help your business succeed
  • Aimed at SMEs facing one or more tough growth challenges
  • This programme covers all sectors

*Flexibility on criteria: Coming down to £1.5M T/O & 8 FTEs or £1M T/O & 6 FTE

To find out more about how these programmes can benefit you as a mentor or mentee and your business please email/ call for more information: – 07407 383 725

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