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Boost Bespoke Programme

Are you an ambitious Lancashire business with the potential and determination to achieve significant sustainable business growth? The Boost Bespoke Programme is designed just for you.

If you have been trading for more than three years, employ more than 10 staff and have the drive to grow by at least 20% year on year, for the next three years you could qualify for this fully funded programme. (Dependant on your sector).

What are the benefits of the programme?

  • Develop and build an effective senior management team
  • Attract the very best talent to fill key positions
  • Articulate a clear growth story with a clear growth strategy, and implementation.
  • Turbo charge your sales engine to find, win and grow customers.
  • Access new regional, national and international markets
  • Ensure robust financial systems are in place, including cash acceleration strategies to fuel and control the growth.
  • Build on new or existing markets
  • Be more resilient to change in the economy or markets that can hinder growth
  • Increase productivity and minimise waste

What does the programme entail?

This fully funded support is tailored to the specific needs of your business, comprising some / all of the following:

One-to-one coaching
This is delivered by a team of highly experienced and proven high growth entrepreneurs. Opportunities to learn from like-minded people who have been on a similar growth journey. The coaching support is tailored to focus on the specific growth constraints facing your business right now.

Accelerating Growth workshops
Rapidly scaling a business to grow exponentially is especially challenging. These half-day events deliver a new specialist set of power tools that help overcome the most common growth constraints. Showcasing practical techniques, converting ambitious strategic intent into a profitable operational reality.

Peer-to-peer board networks
Presenting a new approach to tackling the challenges of scaling a business, by pooling the experience and expertise of other ambitious Lancashire business owners within a confidential professional forum. You will build a new network of objective trusted advisers who think and act as you do, and the shared wisdom and experiences of a local group and their combined network will help make ‘it’ happen.

Growthology Online
This online learning platform provides 24/7 access to downloads of learning materials, growthology toolkits, webinars, ‘how to’ guides and investment readiness templates.

The Boost Bespoke programme comprises a fixed number of hours over a period but our team will keep in contact with you after the programme has completed, to see how you are progressing on your journey. You can continue to access/attend events and workshops after the coaching element is complete, and also attend as many webinars and workshops as you want.

“The help we have received from Boost has been fantastic, second to none."

“When an outsider comes into your business when it’s already quite successful, that can be difficult. Sometimes you can think you know better but the help we have received has made it easier for me and the whole business. It’s helped us work closer together.”

Alan Lingwood, Lingwood Security

Who is the programme for?

Lancashire-based SMEs more than three years old and with more than 10 staff.

As the programme is funded by the European Regional Development Fund some sector restrictions apply. Further details on request.

(*SME – Small to Medium Enterprises must employ fewer than 250 full-time people with a turnover of less than €50m or balance sheet of €43m.)

As a leader of a Lancashire-based business, you’ll know this programme is for you if:

  • You and your team are totally committed to rapidly growing your business.
  • Your business requires specialist consultancy and advice to help overcome the challenges associated with rapidly scaling up.
  • You recognise that you may have to up-skill you and your team in order to successfully grow the business.
  • Your business needs to tap into the high growth business support in order to expand internationally and find the funds to fuel this growth.

How does it work?

Contact Boost on 0800 488 0057 or complete the form on this page and a member of our team will contact you for an initial discussion.

We will book an appointment for one of our advisers to come out and meet you at your premises, a mutually convenient location or online via your preferred technology platform.

They will meet you for a robust growth conversation about your objectives, challenges and opportunities for business support and help you to develop a tailored action plan for your business.

They will then introduce you to relevant business support providers and check in with you regularly to see how you’re progressing with your plan as well as introducing additional support to help you on your growth journey.

Who delivers the programme?

This excellent programme is part of Boost; Lancashire’s Business Growth Hub and is delivered by our expert partners, Winning Pitch, alongside East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce.

Our team of professionals form one of the largest networks of high growth business experts nationally. They have strong track records in senior positions within high growth businesses, with credibility, experience, expertise and ability to build strong relationships and develop rapport with business leaders quickly.

Since 2007, we have studied the behaviours and strategies of the world’s fastest growing companies. From 10,000 businesses we have developed intellectual property through our research-led approach that has created this unique programme of support for Lancashire businesses.

Meet the Boost Bespoke Business Advisers

  • Munyi Mwara - Boost Bespoke

    Munyi Mwara

    Munyi's expertise is in supporting businesses to integrate digital solutions for greater efficiency and to develop digital products.

  • Stephen Allen - Boost Bespoke Business Adviser

    Stephen Allen

    Stephen has expertise in strategic and tactical leadership and decision making, with a passion for innovation and high performance.

  • Sean Bowman Winning Pitch

    Sean Bowman

    Sean has expertise in SME leadership and management including in skills and organisational needs, and recruitment and retention.

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