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Pitch for funding from VCs who are curious, knowledgeable, freethinking and connected to some of the UK’s leading institutions.

Campus Capital is a Venture Capital firm that builds early stage, high growth investment funds in partnership with some of the UK’s leading universities, including Lancaster Universty.

We invest up to £200k into early-stage high growth potential technology and science companies for equity at reasonable terms. Campus Capital also runs an educational programme, with initial company analysis managed by active students with the guidance and supervision of the Campus Capital board.

Our structure enables us to be part of the fabric of our partner universities, allowing us to nurture entrepreneurial talent and truly add value to companies before and after making an investment.

YOUR PITCH… will be sent to the top students and PhDs at the best research institutions in science and technology, local to you.

THEY WILL… use their in-depth training, critical thinking and our knowledge network to evaluate the investment potential of your company.

SUCCESSFUL COMPANIES… will receive investment with founder-friendly terms and active value-added support, focused on getting you through that next round.

WE PREFER… to invest early and first, writing £200k cheques as the full round or as part of up to £1m rounds. We’re happy to take a lead.

Through our Student VC teams, we have the capacity to spend time and attention on every pitch we receive, giving feedback on how VC-backable your company is whether we make an investment or not.

Who is it for?

Companies must be located in Lancashire, Cumbria, Greater Manchester or Sheffield City Region. We will also look at pitches from companies where at least one founder is a graduate of Lancaster University, University of Manchester or The University of Sheffield, regardless of location.

The business must be EIS (Enterprise Investment Scheme) compliant, but you don’t have to have submitted this yet. In general we’re looking for businesses in broadly science and technology sectors, entrepreneur-led, solving hard important problems in an innovative way.

How does it work?

How do I apply for support?

Pitch us at:

Additional information:

We also run Open Office Hours, which are quick informal meetings between investors and founders so we can get to know each other and you can find out more about venture capital, whether it’s right for you, and get some initial feedback on your startup or pitch.

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