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When it comes to planning the growth and longevity of your business, there are real benefits to engaging with the education and training landscape. However, finding the right opportunities can feel complex and time-consuming. Navigating the Education Landscape is designed to help businesses with these choices.

Getting involved now

Technical education is undergoing substantial reform to meet the skills needs of businesses. Employers are at the heart of shaping new apprenticeships and qualifications – both T Levels and Higher Technical Qualifications – that equip individuals with the knowledge and skills that are needed in the workplace. Working with education and training now can bring real benefits to your business.

The benefits

Partnering with education and training helps you to grow the resilience of your business in a changing economic and technological landscape – as well as ‘giving back’ to schools and colleges in your local community.

Navigating the Education Landscape is a clear guide to the education system, and the different opportunities for you to contribute and benefit. The resources describe the commitment level and benefits you can expect in return from each of these opportunities to help you identify the best fit for your business. These tools are designed for you to use today and in the future.

Explore the Education Landscape website to discover the best ways to get involved or email Lancashire Skills and Employment Hub.

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